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Festival Logistics

How to arrive to Ljubljana?

Read more about it.

By car
From border Ljubljana is reachable by excelent highway.
Triest (Italy) - Ljubljana: 40 minutes (95 km)
Graz (Austria) - Ljubljana: 1h 30 minutes (195 km)
Zagreb (Croatia) - Ljubljana: 1h 15 minutes (140 km)

Some good and fast connections with a car:
Venice (265 km)
Firence (490 km)
Vienna (385 km)
Munich (445 km)
Milano (550 km)

By Air
Ljubljana's Brnik airport
(20 km from Ljubljana-centre): http://www.lju-airport.si/eng/default.asp
Slovenia's national airline, Adria Airways, has nonstop flights between Ljubljana's Brnik airport and practically every major city in Europe (Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Brussels, Zurich,  Luxemburg, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen...) as well as from Tel Aviv.
Cheap Easyjet http://www.easyjet.com/en/book/index.asp flights (London, Berlin) from western Europe to Ljubljana.

By Bus
Buses travel between Slovenia and Italy daily, using Nova Gorica in Slovenia as the easiest exit and entry point. Koper also has good bus connections with Italy: some 17 buses a day go to and from Trieste, 21km (13mi) to the northeast. It's also easy to travel by bus to and from Hungary, Croatia, Austria and Yugoslavia.

By Train
The main train routes into Slovenia come from Salzburg (four to five hours away), Triest (three hours), Vienna (six hours) and Zagreb (two to three hours). Trains between Amsterdam and Ljubljana take 18 hours. There are dozens of international border crossings if travelling by car, motorcycle, bicycle or even on foot.

By Catamaran
On weekends between April and mid-October, it's possible to sail between Venice and Izola (one of Slovenia's Adriatic coast towns) by catamaran.

Where to stay in Ljubljana?  

Your best option for stay during the tango festival is Grand Hotel Union, the festival hotel. Other accommodation options are listed here.

We have reserved cheap accommodation (around 20-30 EUR per person per night) in a 500m radious around the hotel.

If you would like to ask us if we can find you a place to sleep with local tangeros, please .

If you stay in Ljubljana for a longer time: http://geocities.com/ljubljanalife/Youknow.htm

What to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia?

Lonely Planet calls Slovenia "the undiscovered pearl of Europe". It offers a great variety of lanscapes, from the seaside, high Alps, to Panonian lowlands. Very special places are Lake Bled, the Postojna caves (both one hour out of Ljubljana), termal resorts.

Ljubljana - Bled (Alpen lake): 57 km
Ljubljana - Koper (seaside): 126 km

Ljubljana is a very charming, slow, green, safe city. You can have a dring along the river, rent a bike, eat really good and cheap, go to the casino... and dance tango.

Read our tourism pages for more information. About Ljubljana: http://www.ljubljana-tourism.si/
Interesting reading is Lonely Planet guide book for Slovenia: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/europe/slovenia/

'...soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Ljubljana, hike through the dramatic scenery of the Julian Alps, laze on the beaches of the Adriatic and enjoy warm Slovene hospitality in traditional farmhouses and elegant coastal towns. Inspire your sense of adventure with TANGO...'

http://geocities.com/ljubljanalife/ (Expat's magazine)
http://www.burger.si/Ljubljana/Ljubljana.htm (virtual Ljubljana)

Some useful information

Slovenian currency is Slovene tolar (SIT). Exchange rate for euro: 1 euro = 240 SIT. Foreign currency may be exchanged at border crossings, in banks, exchange offices and hotels. Most shops and resturants accept the following credit cards: DINER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and  MASTERCARD.

Phone number for emergencies: 112
All turist have the right to emergency medical treatment. Slovenia has signed agreements with individual countries on free medical care. Further information is available from the health ministry in your own country. 


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