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Argentinian Tango in Slovenia

Nine Magical years of tango in Slovenia

The tango in Slovenia is 9 years old - its birthday is celebrated every year on February 3rd on a milonga. It was precisely on that day in 1998 that the first milonga in Slovenia was organised by Matej Orešič and Nina Klančnik.

Tango in Slovenia blossomed and has ever since been in the caring hands of exceptional people who have been caring for it with lots of love and attention.

The Way We Dance and Socialize

We dance three times a week at the Dancing center Jenko (adress: Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana-center), where we learn, practise, dance tango, celebrate birthdays and New Year's. We are there:
- on Tuesdays (classes from 20.00)
- on Thursdays (practica + milonga from 21.00 till midnight)
On Saturdays we ussually organise and  dance at milongas in Ljubljana. See news...

Approximately once a month, we organize bigger events (such as this year's milonga for nine years of tango in Slovenina, Carnival Milonga "KARNEVAL", Fish-milonga), which are attended by numerous visitors from neighbouring tango communities: Trst/Trieste, Videm/Udine, Gorica/Gorizzia, Zagreb, Gradec/Graz, Beljak/Villach, Celovec/Klagenfurt, and others...

Every two months we organize workshops with top-quality teachers, who introduce the beginners into the world of tango as well as hand down the tradition of dancing, music and culture of tango to those who are already familiar with it. See news...

Ones per year we create an International tango festival. With famous teaschers, great milongas, tango cafe, after hours milonga...it is one of the most beautifull event in this part of the world :) See photos of Slovenia past festivals: 2005, 2006 and announcement of 2007 festival!

Information about tango in Slovenia is available at www.cumparsita.org, and a special site is dedicated to the tango festival at tangoslovenia.com.


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