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Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida

Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Emorcida Osvaldo and Lorena can be described as one of the most prestigious tango couple. They have become renowned for their combination of precision, elegance and emotion in their dance, genuinely developed both on stage and the dance floor. They stand out for their generosity and their ability to teach. Thus exquisitely combiningtheir artistic and teaching qualifications.

Both of them started dancing Tango in 1989. They became partners in January 1997 and their artistic versatility took them around the world.

They worked for the RAI at "Tango a passo di", a tango documentary made and showed for the globe.

They were called by the “Hollywood Bowl Symphonic Orchestra”, to stage a joint performance for 50.000 people in Los Angeles, California.

They participated in “Buenos Aires Tango in France 2 Festival” Invited to perform ate the Paris Chaillot
National Theatre as guest partners.

They have taken part in the most important festivals on earth, in places like: Madrid, Sitges, Granada, Roma, Geneva, Turin, Bologna, Hamburg, Hanover,
Miami and Buenos Aires

As members of the “Tango x 2” company, they took part of two plays “Una Noche de Tango” and  “Perfumes de Tango” with these spectacles they visited England, Germany, Italy and USA. In the second one (In Mar del Plata’s city presentation) they were the main couple.

In 1999, the very prestigious singer Julio Iglesias, invites them to be part of his show. From there, they travelled the world together and performed at the most important theatres of the world as the "Metropolitan Opera House" in New York (where for the first time popular dancers were presented).
The "Royal Albert Hall" in London. "Le Sporting Club" (casino in Monte Carlo). The "Luna Park" in Buenos Aires.

They danced for the president of Egypt, and for the Queen of Spain at the "Palacio de Congresos" and for the president of Spain in Madrid. They also danced for El Salvador’s president in his country.

Among others, they received the "Leonida Massine" dance award in Positano, Italy; for their artistic career.


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