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Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa

Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la RosaJulio and Corina are among the most charismatic tango dancers in the world. They are dynamic, entertaining and relaxed teachers. They make us forget the gloominess sometimes associated with the tango and make us rejoice in the non-verbal communication in the tango embrace.

Julio's father was the legendary tangero -  Miguel Balmaceda – with whom Julio explored the tango in the most prestigious salons in Buenos Aires until 1991 when Miguel died. Corina graduated from the National Dancing Academy in Argentina and later dedicated herself to exploring tango and its culture. She has danced with the best old milongeros.

Julio and Corina met in 1996. Two years later, they were one of the couples who performed in Portorž, Slovenia, together with the now famous orchestra Color Tango, who were on their European tour. In the late nineties, Julio and Corina travelled around the USA and Europe with the Broadway show ''Forever Tango''. They took part in the International Tango Conference in Buenos Aires. They are now acclaimed and attractive dancing teachers in important tango centres around the world.

These two festival favourites, they are famous for magical interpretations of tango-walz. Their classes are known for their relaxed atmosphere and their personal teaching approach. They never fail to impress the students with the light-hearted milonga con traspíe.


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