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The photos of the 1st International Tango Festival

First international tango festival is now over. We have had the privilege to work with great maestros:

The program spanned from 30 March to April 3. The schedule contained 44 classes, 5 milongas, a seminar... The festival's home was the beautiful Grand Hotel Union.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU the tangeros of Ljubljana for the soul they have given to the festival: Janja, Katja, Saša, Ksenija, Grega, Sandi, Bojan, Matjaž and Cema, Sašo and Meta, Darko; to Matjaž and Daša from Maribor; to Severin; to Sandro, Alan, and Anna from Italy; to Holger from Austria; and many many more.

And thanks to all of you who came to Ljubljana to enjoy the festival. We all hope to see you back soon!

To remeber the festival we publish some photo-impressions.


Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Emorcida

gallery 1: maestros

Four famous Argentine dance couples mastered the festival: "the heavy-weights" Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Emorcida, "our" Leandro Palou & Andrea Misse, lovely 67-years old world champions Osvaldo & Coca Cartery and popular Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa. Carlos Gavito & Maria Plazaola, unfortunately, had to cancel their apperance in Ljubljana.

Veliki tango spektakel

gallery 2: the show

The show on Friday and Saturday night presented the four couples of maestros, the lovely "foxes" Las Felinas de Tango, the singer Roka Finka. The show was hosted by the sexy star Tina Gorenjak.

Janja Ban & Harald Fritz

gallery 3: abrazos

The tango is, they say, "a walk in an ambrace". See our abraces.

Milonga na 1. mednarnodnem tango festivalu

gallery 4: milongas

We have danced on the milongas in the elegant salons of Grand Hotel Union, the home of tango in Ljubljana Jenko Dance School, and more.

Janja Frank

gallery 5: narises

The festival was really international: milongueros came from Slovenia, obviously, and Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Denmark, and more.

Orquesta Color Tango na milongi v Ljubljani

gallery 6: Color Tango

On Sunday we had a milonga with the famous Orquesta Color Tango. Not only were we proud to have them, we were also lucky that the leader Mr Roberto Alvarez personally appeared on stage. During this European tour the band had to play without him. Not in Ljubljana!

Lidia Pugliese

gallery 7: Seminar Pugliese

Color Tango left more than dance music: they, together with Ms Lidia Pugliese, widow of great tango musitian Don Osvaldo Pugliese, they have presented a seminar about Pugliese's music and life.

Las Felinas del tango

gallery 8: Las felinas de tango

If could just be that the lovely "foxes" - Las felinas de tango - charmed us even more than the famous orquestra. The ladies played for us on Friday and Saturday shows and on a milonga.

Tango kavarna Union

gallery 9: Tango Cafe

Tango Cafe Union was a place to meet, chat, dance, try the new dance steps, eat, or refill caffeine ... all day long. Tango reception was also there.

Osvaldo Zotto & Andrea Misse v Bajo Fondo

gallery 10: Milonga Bajo Fondo

The most unusual milonga of the festival was Grega's after-hours milonga Bajo Fondo - many meters below the urban surface of the city, hidden within pipes and long concrete corridors. Offering a sharp contrast to the elegant salons of the Grand Hotel Union it was our refuge for Saturday night. The strongest tangueros stayed below ground until 9.30...

Lorena Emorcida & Primož Krajnik

gallery 11: Birthday

It is our custom to celebrate birthdays of tangueros on a milonga. All the tangueros (of the opposite sex) need to dance with the person celebrating - within one song, so we need to fight for the chosen one. During the festival one of the organizers was celebrating .... what a coincidence!

Janja Frank, uvertura v festival

gallery 12: off-record

Many things happened during the festival, not all appropriate for public (ab)use. Some, slightly but not too spicy, can be seen here.


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