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Carlos Gavito & Maria Plazaola

Carlos Gavito & Maria PlazaolaCarlos Gavito & Maria Plazaola had to cancel their arrival to Ljubljana. Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Emorcida have kindly agreed to come to the festival instead.

The seventy-five-year old Gavito is one of the tango gods. He is a dancer-poet and, therefore, one of the last symbols of the golden age. He has never really learnt tango. Tango was simply a part of the Argentinian popular culture when he was a young man.  He used go to practicas in late afternoons, where men practised tango among themselves. He danced tango through all periods, even when tango was not polular and when he could have been politically persecuted for it.

Later, when he was a ballet dancer, he was asked to help with the 'show' tango – tango danced on stage. Thus, he returned to his dance origins. He explored the roots of tango together with some of the greatest tango composers and musicians.

Gavito is famous for his saying that tango is not a step, but what happens in between two steps. And he dances accordingly. His tango is slow; in three minutes, he often does only a few steps, but each step as if it was his last.

Maria Plazaola is one of the best young female dancers. Being chosen as Gavito's dancing partner was great honour and a form of recognition. Her movements are calm, pure and soft. She gives herself away to the music and her partner and this makes her seem graceful and etheral. In the workshops, she pays special attention to female dancers, helping them to enrich the intimacy of tango embrace.


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