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Weekend workshop and floating milonga - tango from the dance flors of Buenos Aires

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Ramiro Gigliotti & Elina Roldan, Buenos Aires

Ljubljana & river Ljubljanica, June 2 & 3, 2007

Ramiro Gigliotti & Elina Roldan

lessons for all levels + exhibition of Ramiro & Elina at
Saturday floating Milonga on city river Ljubljanica

Program & schedule


Saturday, June 2

Sunday, June 3 


for beginners - introduction to tango

0-few weeks of tango


famous 'ocho cortado' with variations for agility and enjoyment on crouded milonga

beginners and intermediate:
few weeks - 1 year of tango


rhytmical elements for spicy dance

beginners and intermediate:
few weeks - 1 year of tango

con traspie - playing with tempo and mood of music

intermediate and advanced:
few months - few years of tango


rhytmical elements and use of them for turnings on social milonga

beginners and intermediate:
few weeks - 1 year of tango

selection of popular figures
from dance flor of Buenos Aires

from few years of tango...

Saturday, June 2 at 22.00:  floating Milonga on city river Ljubljanica
around midnight: exhibition of Ramiro & Elina

Locations in the city centre

all lessons in our club ballroom:
Dance centre Jenko
address: Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana

Festival locations 06

floating milonga:
Trnovski pristan embankment along the river Ljubljanica in Ljubljana center (10 minutes walking from the famous Triple bridge...)

Trnovski pristan

Trnovski pristan

Boat Tour along the Ljubljanica River




1 lesson + milonga

30 euro

2 lessons + milonga

50 euro

3 lessons + milonga

65 euro

every addition lesson over 3

15 euro

only floation milonga

10 euro

1 lesson

25 euro

2 lessons

45 euro

3 lessons

60 euro

every addition lessons over 3

15 euro

Registrations and information

00386 41 324 828 (Janja)


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