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Tango weekend workshop in November

Tango argentino klub Ljubljana INVITES you 

November 24 - 26, 2006

TANGO weekend with

Leandro Palou & Romina Godoy

Leandro & Romina_5

FRIDAY 24 November from 22.15:

Milonga with LEANDRO & ROMINA

Our club&festival ballroom: Dancing centre Jenko, Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana-centre (see the 'ARRIVING' section AT THE BOTTOM at this page)

Musicalisadoras: Janja&Janja

Entrance fee: 7 euro

-> see PHOTOS when Leandro&Romina visited Ljubljana in Oct06


All classes lasts 90 minutes.



tango 1

Introduction to Tango. The flavour of Buenos Aires.

beginners & intermediate

tango 2

the class is full; the waiting list is still is open

Ochos with elegance and grace - Adorments for men and women

intermediate & advanced

tango 3

the class is full; the waiting list is still is open

Sacadas for men and women - Adorments for men and women


beginners & intermediate

tango 4

the class is full; the waiting list is still is open

Beginning of giros. Introduction to giros.

intermediate & advanced

tango 5

the class is full; the waiting list is still is open

Giros with ganchos - Different ways to finish a giro (men) and how to adorn the different exits (women)

Leandro & Romina_6 

Leandro was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. He started to learn tango at 18 years old and danced with in the most traditional ‘milongas’ (dance halls) of Buenos Aires, including the Sunderland Club in the neighbourhood of Villa Urquiza. Leandro’s tango style is faithful to that of the traditional ‘milongueros’.
In 1995 he started his career as a professional dancer, and since then has toured the world dancing in numerous shows and some of the most important tango festivals in Europe, Asia and America. In 1999 he formed his own dance company with which he toured extensibly the USA. He is also an experienced teacher and in 2003 established his own tango school in London. In 2006 he joined the prestigious Tango company ‘Tango Por Dos, touring for three months Switzerland, Italy and performing for a month on West End’s Sadlers Wells. In the near future his work will continue to be teaching when he is not on tour with Tango Por Dos.

Romina studied ballet, jazz, tango, salsa, hip hop and aerial acrobatics. She was a cheerleader for Maradona’s old team Boca Juniors. She then danced in the show La Era del Pinguino with Jorge Guinsburg and Miguel Angel Cheruti in Buenos Aires.
She then toured Argentina and the world with the show MIDACHI, performing in the Buenos Aires Opera Theatre. She also danced in the prestigious Buenos Aires ‘casa de tango’ Michelangelo and in the tango show The Rose. In 2005, she joined Tango Por Dos touring Hong Kong and Macao with tangos Una Leyenda. In 2006, with the same company she toured Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom.


of the milonga and workshop is our tango-club-ballroom: Dancing center JENKO, Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana center

Prices for PACKAGES of classes + milonga:

before 24 Nov

during the weekend

4 classes + milonga

15.000 SIT
62,5 euro

17.000 SIT
71 euro

3 classes + milonga

12.000 SIT
50 euro

13.500 SIT
56 euro

2 classes + milonga

9.000 SIT
37,5 euro

10.000 SIT
42 euro

1 class + milonga

5.500 SIT
23 euro

6.000 SIT
25 euro

every addition class (over 4)

3.000 SIT
12,5 euro

3.000 SIT
12,5 euro

(just) evening milonga: 1600 SIT/7 euro


of the workshop is our tango-club-ballroom: Dancing center JENKO, Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana center

Location for Milonga: Cafe Union, Grand hotel Union, Miklosiceva street 1.
Yes, the whole weekend event is on the same street :))


for classes (prices of classes are lover before the Friday 24 November).
For register and info please send an e-mail to:   (Janja Frank)


By car

From border Ljubljana is reachable by excelent highways:

  Triest (Italy) - Ljubljana: t0 minutes (95 km)
  Graz (Austria) - Ljubljana: 1h 30 minutes (195 km)
  Zagreb (Croatia) - Ljubljana: 1h 15 minutes (140 km)

Some good and fast connections with a car:
  Trieste (100 km of highway)
  Zagreb (140 km of highway)
  Venice (265 km of highway)
  Graz (195 km of highway)
  Firence (490 km of highway)
  Vienna (385 km of highway)
  Munich (445 km of highway)
  Budapest (445 km)
  Milano (550 km of highway)

Entering Ljubljana

There is a highway ring around Ljubljana. In principle you can take exit from the ring - because of the star shape of the city all roads lead to the center where the Tango Festival lives.

In the center there are some one-way streets. To arrive to Dancing centre Jenko drive towards the train-station from any direction. Once there turn towards the center (south) to Miklosiceva cesta (street). Park. There are some park houses around at the streets around Dancing centre JENKO.

Map of SloveniaArriving to LjubljanaFestival locations 06


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