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Tango video: Andrea Misse in Javier Rodriguez

From 2-4. December2005 Ljubljana shall host hot tango stars Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse.

Andrea Misse in Javier Rodriguez 

Every Thursday there is a lovely practica in Ljubljana's famous Dance Center Jenko. Tangueros gather to socialize, dance, have fun - and this time to enjoy some videos of the famous couple on their way to Ljubljana.

As the couple only dances together a few months video presentation (to be held tonight 24-Nov-05 in PC Jenko, Ljubljana) shall unwind as follows:

1/ Andrea Misse & Leandro Palou - a recording from our festival
2/ Javier Rodriguez with Geraldine Rojas - from a festivala in Sardegna
3/ the same couple - demonstration od adornments (women and men)

and for deserts

4/ the legendary take
  Julio Balmaceda (voice), Ramiro Gigliotti (guitar), Javier & Geraldine (dance)

5/ the historical shot from Porteno y Bailarin in Buenos Aires July 2005
 ta-daaa: Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse

Come - we shall have fun.

The commentary of the pictures below: Andrea in our honest belief has the most feminine movements in her legs. Ladies - if you truly want to express yourselves in tango this is the way to go.

Javier is brining us young masculine elegances topped with some extreme tango pose.

If you miss the video presentation do not miss the workshop.


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