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GOTAN PROJECT in Križanke & 100%TANGO after-party MiLONGA

Monday May 21, 2007

20:45 23th International Druga Godba Festival
Godalika feat.
Boris Benko, Nino de Gleria, Drago Ivanuša, Aleš Rendla & Neža Trobec-Teropšič (Slovenia);
Gotan Project (Argentina/France/Switzerland) - world music
The Križanke Summer Theatre
For tickets, more information, visit the festival's official website at http://www.drugagodba.si.

from 24:00...: 100%TANGO - MiLONGA - AFTER HOURS PARTY
where? PIANO BAR on a square Ajdovščina (address: Nazorjeva street 6); walking distance from the concert venue...just follow the tangueros from after the concert :))))

Tango festival Ljubljana
International Druga Godba Festival


100%TANGO *
tango school

 Gotan La revancha del tango

The Druga Godba festival of ethnic, world and, to a lesser extent, contemporary jazz music, celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year. It ranks among Europe's best festivals of slightly alternative music difficult to fit neatly into any musical category.
This year's edition of the festival will bring together 12 artists from 14 countries from all the five continents. The stars of the festival will be the world's most popular tango-fusion band, Gotan Project, and the renowned Portuguese fado singer Mariza.
The festival will conclude with the multimedia project Requiem for Dying Planet, created by the composer and virtuoso cellist Ernst Reijseger, the singer Mola Sylla, the Sardinian vocal ensemble Tenore e Concordu de Orosei and the famous film director Werner Herzog.

For more information, visit the festival's official website at http://www.drugagodba.si



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