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Tango workshop: Chicho Frumboli, Eugenia Parrilla

7 - 9 OCTOBER 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is going to host a three-day intensive workshop with Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Eugenia. There wiil be a big milonga on Saturday. Classes are open to the international public.

Book the Saturday 8 October for a big MILONGA with the show of maestros. Tango workshop: Chicho Frumboli & Eugenia Parrilla Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Eugenia ParrillaLjubljana is going to host a three-day intensive workshop with Chicho & Eugenia.

Big Milonga with the SHOW of Maestros

Saturday October 8 in Cafe Union

Milonga v kavarni Union

22.00 - 3.30

DJ's: Anna & Melenita from Italy (www.annaemelenita.org).

Anna & Melenita

Location: Cafe Union in the center of Ljubljana (ex-festival cafe ;-)
- address: Grand hotel Union, Miklošičeva street 1, Ljubljana

Entrance fee: €10. For information send an email to . 

Classes CHICHO & Eugenia


Location: ballroomTabor

Friday 7-Oct

Saturday 8-Oct

Sunday 9-Oct


14.00 - 15.30


part 1
tango nuevo

part 2
tango nuevo

special theme

15.45- 17.15


special theme
Blocking & bounces

special theme:
Colgadas & volcadas
advanced & intermediate


17.30 - 19.00


part 1
tango nuevo

part 2
tango nuevo

special theme

20.30 - 22.00

special theme:
Introduction to sacadas



About maestros

Chicho is a Myth of the new tango; unanimously one reelects to Mariano"Chicho"Frumboli by the originality of his style and the reach of his musical talent that it express through this dance. His interpretation of the music, accompanied by a unique rate of music has that originality that gives an immense source of inspiration to the dancers and enamored with the tango of the entire world. Rarely the artist term adapted more to a dancer of Argentine tango. Improvisation in his genius, combinacion of ability, solid technique, magnifies musicalidad and happiness to take ahead his own style. Chicho is world-wide famous like one of the founders and the inventors of the New Tango. First true representative of this call "new generation", brings to the dance all his talent and freshness. In his classes, he teaches with love and talent, combined with a deep understanding of the technique of the dance. The classes of Chicho are a necessity for which they wish to discover in the style of New Tango, as well as for the experienced dancers. He express in a very personal way the real escencia of the musica in his dance. He presents/displays an attitude and a style that is part of the new breathing of the fresh air in tango. He causes that the modern tango looks like absolutely accessible and possible. The famous inventor of a new style of the dance of the tango; the way in which express it music is so original, and this became a reference for the dancers and the tango lovers of today and the future. Eugenia Parrilla, unquestionablily on the other hand, she is one of the most remarkable dancers in the world, as much on a track of dance like on the scene. Their elegance and his sensualité make it leave the row. When studying the contemporary dance, the dance-contact and the tango, gave to Eugenia her body a naturalness and a relaxation that locates it to the limits of the present knowledge of the movements of the tango which they make of her a notable pioneering.

Webpage of Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli: http://www.ar8.com.fr/gitango/


All classes are 1,5 hours long.

before October 4, 2005

After October 4

1 class

€ 27

€ 29

2 classes

€ 46

€ 50

3 classes

€ 58

€ 62,5

each class over 3

€ 17

€ 17

Location of workshop

Ballroom Tabor (our Friday's practicas venue) is in the center of Ljubljana, 5 minutes walking from Cafe Union.
- address : Sport-hall Tabor, Tabor street 13, Ljubljana
- how to get there: easy. Start from the main Ljubljana Train-station: there you are at Masarykova street along the Train station. There are 6 streets (from west toward east) connecting the Train station and the river Ljubljanica: Slovenska street, Miklosiceva street, Resljeva street, Metelkova street, Maistrova street and Njegoseva street. You take the 5th one: Maistrova street. After 300m, on the corner with Tabor street there is the big yellow building. The Ballroom :-) 
There are lot of park-places around...

If you know where Cafe Europa is, you can follow photo instructions in English or Italian language (from last year).

Registration and Information

  • Janja Frank: , phone: 00386 41 324 828
  • Janja Ban: , phone: 00386 40 613 747


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