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Milonga at 9-years of tango in Slovenia

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Janja in Janja
DJ Janja&Janja

1st Milonga in Slovenia happened on February the 3rd in 1998. After 7 years of a great milongas, workshops, concerts... the dreams came true: 1st international tango festival...Come and dance together for this special occasion!

our tango-club ballroom: Dance center JENKO, Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana-center (a map is at the bottom of this page)

entrance: 4 €

Tango Argentino club Ljubljana & team Tango festival Ljubljana 2007


+386 41 324 828 (Janja Frank)



By car

From border Ljubljana is reachable by excelent highways:

Triest (Italy) - Ljubljana: t0 minutes (95 km)
Graz (Austria) - Ljubljana: 1h 30 minutes (195 km)
Zagreb (Croatia) - Ljubljana: 1h 15 minutes (140 km)

Some good and fast connections with a car:
Trieste (100 km of highway)
Zagreb (140 km of highway)
Venice (265 km of highway)
Graz (195 km of highway)
Firence (490 km of highway)
Vienna (385 km of highway)
Munich (445 km of highway)
Budapest (445 km)
Milano (550 km of highway)

Entering Ljubljana

There is a highway ring around Ljubljana. In principle you can take exit from the ring - because of the star shape of the city all roads lead to the center where the Tango Festival lives.

In the center there are some one-way streets. To arrive Dancing centre Jenko drive towards the train-station from any direction. Once there turn towards the center (south) to Miklošičeva cesta (street). Park. There are some park houses around or at the streets around Dancing school JENKO.

Map of SloveniaArriving to LjubljanaFestival locations 06




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