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Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero

Sebastian Misse & Andrea ReyeroSince 1994 Andrea and Sebastián have been profesional tango stars at various "milongas" in Buenos Aires.
They have been part of many events in Buenos Aires. To name a few: MICHELANGELO tango show, various films from "SOLO TANGO" cable channel, feature dancers at the movie "CANCION DESESPERADA" with Argentina’s Maximiliano Guerra classical ballet star.
In September 1996 they were summoned by "CARI" (Argentina’s Counsil for International Affairs) to be stars at the show "Vida y pasion del tango" together with Horacio Ferrer, Osvaldo Montes and the lead singer Maria Volonte.
They also featured as lead dancers at the film "DESPABILATE AMOR" directed by Eliseo Subiela and at the presentation of Julio Iglesias’ "TANGO" cd in Argentina’s TV channel TELEFE.

Because of their quality as tango dancers they celebrated in various dance salons in Buenos Aires such as: Club Social Rivadavia (with the prize "Pa’ que bailen los Muchachos"), Salon Canning 1997, Sociedad de fomento Club Mariano Acosta, Club Gricel 2000, Club Sunderland and Salon Akarense. They are guest maestros in many famous tango festivals around the world.



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