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Prices for events of Tango festival 07

The festival consists of regular classes (90 min), special classes (60 min), and 4 nights of milongas. While it is possible to buy each separately it is more economical to purchase packages.

:) we prolong for you the workshop discount deadline for 1 week:

special discount is available for the WORKSHOP packages if paid before March 8, 2007.

Regular classes are organised as a workshop for different levels (intermediate, intermediate/advanced, or advanced/master). We guarantee that you get one lesson with each couple of maestros. We strongly suggest that you take the workshop package as the solid basis for your festival studies. Then, you can add special lessons at a very special price of only 13 EUR.

Special classes are thematic and center on the topic in the title of the lesson. The titles have been carefully choosen to reflect different styles, combinations, interpretations, techniques of maestros... Special classes are 60 min long. We recommend you the appropriate levels to choose.

LEVELS for classes
LEVEL 1: Beginner: 1 year of tango
LEVEL 2: Intermediate: ~ 2 years of tango
LEVEL 3: Intermediate-advanced: 3 and more years of tango
LEVEL 4: Advanced (master): 5 and more years of tango

1 regular class (90 min) ... 29 EUR
1 special class (60 min) with Workshop package ... 13 EUR
1 special class (60 min) without Workshop package ... 17 EUR

milonga Thursday (welcome) ... 10 EUR
milonga Friday ... 15 EUR
milonga Saturday (grand noche) + Bajo Fondo... 20 EUR
milonga Sunday (farewell) ... 10 EUR

Bajo Fondo afterhours milonga on Saturday ... gratis (for those coming from Saturday gala milonga)

stage show Tango y Amor, Saturday ... 23 EUR, 19 EUR




WORKSHOP 3 regular classes (one with each couple) 77 EUR
65 EUR before March 8
MILONGAS all 4+1 milongas 45 EUR
SPECIAL 5 5 special classes 70 EUR

3 regular classes
4 special classes
all 4+1 milongas

160 EUR


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