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Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli

Members of the Staff of Young People of The National Academy of Tango.
Both artists of integral formation, they consolidated their pedagogical-educational and scenic-artistic trajectory in diverse companies of first level.

The recent show premiered in Buenos Aires 2004 "Tango Love and Sex", under the direction of Héctor Aure, supports their work as choreographers and dancers.
They made part of the original team of "Tanguera" the Argentine musical, as solo dancers, during 2002-2003 (Bs. Ace., Madrid, Santiago de Chile). They also made the technical training of the team.
"Tango fatal", solo dancers (Bs. As., Córdoba, Santiago de Chile).
"Reliquias Portenas", coreographers and solo dancers (Guatemala).
"Postales de Tango", own spectacle declared of Cultural interest (Paraná).
"Malevo Evolution Tango", solo dancers (Buenos Aires)
They made, with a team of prominent people, the spectacle "Tangos looking at the south", for the Ballet of the MERCOSUR, a company of Maximiliano Guerra.
They had been participated of noted Festivals of Argentina, Center America, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, France, Sweden, Greece, Canada, Japan, China and Korea, as artists and teachers. They do performances in the most important milongas of Buenos Aires:
“Salón Canning", "La Viruta", "La Estrella", "C. C. Torcuato Tasso", "La Baldosa", "El Beso", "La Trastienda" etc.

Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli

They danced with the orquestras El Arranque, El Desquite, Color Tango, Garcia Garello, Los Reyes del tango, Narcotango, among others.
As teachers for years, they develop their own method “Tango Conceptual Technology” working in their studio DNI with students of all the levels, but especially they are recognized by the formation of teachers and dancers. At the present time they direct their own group of artistic-educational investigation DNI with which they promote different projects.




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