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Maestros of Tango festival Ljubljana 2007

We have invited great maestros to teach us and dance for us. To be interesting to returning tangueros, we have invited a new team: 

Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes | Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli | Leandro Palou & Romina Godoy

Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida - who were to provide the link to the past - had to cancel :(

'...nos volvio a llamar Julio Iglesias para trabajar con el y por este motivo y con todo el dolor de mi corazon tenems que cancelar nuestra presencia en el festival...' )

We wish them all the best. We will have the worshop classes with three couples only this year.

That gave us an opportunity to invite an additional guest couple: Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero. They will also give some special classes. 

Sebastian Arce & Mariana MontesPablo Villarraza & Dana FrigoliLeandro Palou & Romina Godoy+Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero-Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida


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