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Leandro Palou & Romina Godoy

Since one year, Romina and Leandro have set up a Tango School in the centre of London where they regularly teach the basis of traditional Argentine Tango, also performing and teaching in the UK and in Europe, where they offer people their knowledge of more than ten years experience dancing. Classes are focused on an understanding of good technique and the aesthetics, always in a fun and relaxed environment. Currently, they are working on a new performance project where they combine a classic and sensual style, but also seeking into the new tendencies of Tango and other modern dances.

Leandro Palou & Romina Godoy

Romina Godoy

Romina was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. At age 4, she began her Gymnastics training, representing Argentina in numerous tournaments. Later on, she started her Jazz studies, together with Hip-Hop and Salsa. She also dedicated part of her training to Aerial Acrobatics.
As a dancer, she performed in numerous theatre productions, theatre musicals, TV musicals, TV adverts, big events in stadiums and arenas, and major corporate events, in Argentina and South & North America.
Romina also worked as a choreographer in several TV and stage productions, including presentations in stadiums for 70000 plus audiences. Between performing activities, she dedicated part of her time to teaching Argentine Tango, her biggest passion. While doing all that work as a dancer, Romina studied Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, performing in all of the 'casas de tango' (traditional Tango shows in Buenos Aires). She was part, as lead dancer, in many of the Tango stage productions in Buenos Aires, working with the most renowned directors and choreographers of the business.
In 2005, she joined Tango Por Dos touring Hong Kong and Macao with tangos Una Leyenda. In 2006, with the same company she toured Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom and Israel.
Currently she has made London her home, where she teaches regularly. She will be on tour again with Tango Por Dos on Broadway in New York.

Leandro Palou

Leandro was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. He started to learn tango at 18 years old and danced in the most traditional ‘milongas’ (dance halls) of Buenos Aires, including the Sunderland Club in the neighbourhood of Villa Urquiza. Leandro’s tango style is faithful to that of the traditional ‘milongueros’.
In 1995 he started his career as a professional dancer, and since then has toured the world dancing in numerous shows and some of the most important tango festivals in Europe, Asia and America.
In 1999 he formed his own dance company with which he toured extensively the USA. He is also an experienced teacher and in 2003 established his own tango school in London.
In 2006 he joined the prestigious Tango company ‘Tango Por Dos'. In the first year with that company, they toured Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and Israel.
In the near future his work will continue to be teaching in London and Europe, and he will be on tour again with Tango Por Dos to New York's Broadway.




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