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If you want to attend classes during the festival, you need to register in advance. While registrations are on-line only, we will be glad to help you - send us an email to for any information, help, or special requests.

To register, please follow these five steps (see picture):
 How to register? 

  1. Read general information about classes, prices and packages; most importantly you need to know:
    1. Regular classes are 90 minutes, special 60 minutes
    2. We recommend you to take a "WORKSHOP" - 3 regular classes, 1 with each couple of teachers. There is a special price for this package. Special classes are cheaper if you take a WORKSHOP.
    3. There is a special discount for WORKSHOP until February 28th.
    4. TODO-TANGO package is a special price for WORKSHOP + 4 special classes + all milongas. This is all you need to enjoy the festival completely.
  2. Chose you classes - check the classes and milongas that you would like to attend.
    1. Note the top line of the page - you price will be automatically calcualted for you.
    2. If you want to take a WORKSHOP or TODO-TANGO, select the package in the top line. If you take a package, you have to enter your DANCE LEVEL (read the definition).
    3. To attend all the milongas, select milongas package in the top line - this is cheaper.
    4. If you select 5 or more special classes, a discount SPECIAL5 will be applied autimatically.
  3. Enter your personal details
    1. We need to know a few details for logistics.
    2. Fields marked with * are mandatory.
    3. When you save the personal information, you should receive an email. Please follow the instructions in the email to confirm your mail address.
  4. Check and submit the registration
    1. Check carefully your registration.
    2. You can return modify the registration as long as you want. You can even leave the page and return another day. 
    3. When your registration is final, press the "SUBMIT REGISTRATION" button.
    4. After you submit the registration, classes are reserved for you.
    5. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Payment instructions will be in this email.
  5. Pay and arrive
    1. Reservations are valid one week after you submit your registration.
    2. If you need more time, please write us to prolong it in the program.
    3. If you want to register yor partner or a friend with a registration similar to yours, you can COPY your registration to save some time.

Note: you can create multiple registrations from one computer by clicking on the link "choose another registration" from the Choose your classes page.

Good luck. If you need any help, please write us.


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