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Tango fashion by Lorena Ermocida

Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena EmorcidaA novelty of International tango festival Ljubljana: tango fashion by Lorena Ermocida

In Buenos Aires people speak highly or Lorena - not only as one of (five?) best bailarinas in the world but also as a warm and hardworking person.

Lorena personally designs the many cloths that she needs for all the stage shows and endless nights on milongas all over the world.

Her friends have encouraged her to open her own design studio for tango fashion.

Her light skirts, elegant tango pants, body-embracing tops, and elegant long dresses follow the latest in fashon and are comfortable and chic on a milonga as for a dinner with friends.

When designing Lorena takes a special care: her clothes allow a relaxed movement, follow in and make it appealingly feminine or provocingly sexy.

Lorena presents her designs on milongas and shows herself. Many of them make a news owner shine the very next day.

The ambition of the International tango festival in Ljubljana is to gather the very best of tango.

Lorena's designs are an important step in that direction...


... and are a perfect match with Comme il faut sandals to round up the greatest in feminine tango fashion today and to date.


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