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May 13: Tango workshop with Luis BRUNI & Pascale Coquigny.

Saturday May 13 & Sunday May 14

Workshop & MILONGA with a MURGA

Luis Bruni in Pascale Coquigny

Saturday May 13

 MILONGA with MURGA portena

22.15 - 23.00: MURGA - joyfull-relaxing course
23.00 - 2.00: milonga FULL-MOON PARTY with Luis & Pascale

All events in Dancing centre JENKO, Miklošičeva street 28, Ljubljana
(the ballroom of a festival opening milonga and Bajo fondo milonga)

- the PHOTOS from last carnival milonga with Luis and Pascale:
- 2 VIDEOS: Luis & Pascale koreografiji and pedagogiki.


Sat. May 13
14.45-16.15: Tango BEGINNERS
16.30-18.00: Tango INTERMEDIATE – SACADAS
22.15-23.00: FOR ALL - MURGA

Sun. May 14
16.00-17.30: Milonga  INTERMEDIATE - Milonga con Traspie
17.45-19.15: Tango  INTERMEDIATE – BOLEOS

All classes last 90 minutes (except MURGA).
1 class = €25
2 classes = €37,5
3 classes = €50
every addition class = €15
joyfull-relaxing course: MURGA + milonga = €15
MILONGA (without murga) = €6

Telefon: 00386 41 324 828 (Janja Frank)

Murga porteña

Tango’s heritage

In the murga, we can clearly see the black heritage of Argentina ; the negritude in all its splendor is conserved in the murga. Moreover, many important tango dancers are also important murga dancers, which gave them the possibility of liberal expression, leaving aside all prejudices and codes of popular dances in order to train their spirit and their body in the magic trance of this dance. The murga porteña, "the tango’s catharsis", is where tango’s controlled passion explodes in limitless expression until the highest jump of a "matanza" (last part of the murga sequence where the dancer, accompanied by a bass drum and symbal, creates energetic jumping figures). The murga is a part of tango which awakens.

Lessons for today’s tangueros

The murga gives us something essential - contact with the earth and grounded beat, a calm deep rhythm, one of the more difficult concepts for a tanguero to master. Also very useful are the relaxed body and uninhibited movement. Working with a free body is essential for any dancer. The murga offers us these elements that are not always evident in tango : rhythm and grounding, and lack of inhibition. The murga opens a new door to creativity.

Luis Bruni
Source: http://www.pascaleyluis.com/


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