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The History of Tango in Slovenia

Matej Orešic in Nina Klancnik, pionirja tanga v SlovenijiTango in Slovenia was born on February 3rd 1998, when Matej Orešič and Nina Klančnik organized the first milonga at the Club Metropol at 5 Kersnikova Street in Ljubljana. They both got to know tango while studying int the USA at the University of Cornell. They established their first tango scene in Itaka - one of the earliest scenes on the East Cost. Ljubljana was their second tango-startup.

They felt confident and cosmopolitan enough to invite only top-quality teachers to Ljubljana. The first Argentinian couple to come to Ljubljana were Leandro Palou and Andrea Missé, who have come back six more times, and will, of course, teach at the festival.

Rok Klancnik vodi rondo na milongi pod argentinsko zastavo Matej Orešič returned to the USA, where he was very successful in his research and was named "the father of systematic biology". Nina stayed and also continued teaching, then with Holger Bock, our first regular teacher. The tango scene in Slovenia was hereafter taken over by Rok Klančnik, who in a fatherly fashion, handed down the history, music, lyricism, and last but not least the tango code, and thereby presented us with the very essence that separates the tango from other dances. After leaving for Madrid to take up the post as a PR head at the World Tourism Organization, it is Janja Frank, the present president of The Tango Argentino Klub Ljubljana, who has been the leader of the tango scene in Slovenia. We have taken to Maribor and Celje, and we are still helping the tango scene in Zagreb.


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