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Mobitel - this year strongly marked by tango

Mobitel, Slovenia's largest mobile telecommunications operator, celebrates the spring in tango style.

Mobitel's Valentine's Offer

At the moment, an advertisement is being shown on TVs and jumbo posters posted all over the country with scenes from Slovenian tango.

I am thinking your thoughs

The TV spot was filmed for Mobitel at the Kavarna Union (Hotel Union), which is one of the locations where the festival milongas will take place.

The stars of the promotion are our friends tangueros. Most of the community assisted in filiming the indoor scenes and have enjoyed the experience enormously. While, the stars of the spot - Danijela nad BoĊĦtjan, felt rather cold on zero degrees Centigrade on Ljubljana's most famous outdoor locations, unfortunately.

By the way, we, the tangueros, agree that the marketing slogan "I'm thinking your thoughts" is very tango.



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