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Pablo Ojeda & Beatriz Romero

Pablo Ojeda & Beatriz Romero

These dancers, professors and choreographers of Argentine Tango were born in Buenos Aires. They are considered as one of the more complete couples involved in tango world, particularly because of their artistic and pedagogic training. In 1988 they came to Spain with the show "Tango Revue", and since then they live in Madrid. They were the first Tango couple in Madrid and they were pioneers in teaching tango dance in almost every Spanish cities.

They colaborated with most of the tango artists that  worked in Spain and Europe: Carlos Acuña, Rubén Juárez, Alberto Podestá, Angel Cárdenas, Jorge Arduh, Patricia Nora, Juan Sosa, Graciela Giordano, Carlos Montero, Cholo Aguirre, Alfredo Marcucci, Juan José Mosalini, Luis Borda and Hector Ulises Passarella.

They have toured Spain with Master Osvaldo Pugliese, with shows in Madrid and Pamplona.  

Since 1997 they organize and manage every year the festival "ENCUENTROS DE TANGO CON LOS GRANDES" (Meeting of Tango with the Great Masters), which is the biggest Tango festival of Spain and one of the most important in Europe; including lessons, Conferences, Cinema-tango and Big Smart Dancing that take place in the “Círculo de Bellas Artes” in Madrid.  

Pablo and Beatriz are above great teachers all true tangueros contributing the good vibration to every milonga. 


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