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Orchestra Color Tango

Orchestra Color Tango

Color Tango of Roberto Alvarez is actually the most important Orchestra in the circle of ballroom dancing as much in Argentina As in the rest of the world.

Its 7 CD´s are danced in all Tango dancings, winning a sale record with special re-editions in order to put them on sale directly in Europe. The principal dancing teachers have chorographed the arrangements and the versions of Color Tango of Roberto Alvarez using his CD´s for teaching.

The force of his accordions and the vigorous and sentimental way of playing tango that all the musicians show, captivate the dancers, that fill the dance floors everywhere the orchestra plays.

The orchestra was created in 1989 by a great accordeonist, the master Roberto Alvarez, musician of the Orchestra of the Master Osvaldo Pugliese, his first accordionist and principal arranger, during 1985 – 1989. He is the author of more than 25 arrangers ordered by the own Master Pugliese. This great artist from the fist practice has instilled in the musicians of Color Tango all is great experience and his particular way to feel and play tango. Color Tango of Roberto Alvarez has received numerous distinctions and has taken part during these last 15 years of uninterrupted work in the most important Festivals of Tango  all over the world.

The musical activities of Color Tango of Roberto Alvarez have been declarated of Cultural Interest by the National Cultural Secretary.

New C.D. Year 2005

Lidia Pugliese, Pugliese´s widow has intrusted him with an importan mission, the revision and recording of all the compositions that Pugliese could not record when death surprised him.
For this reason, the 25th  July 2005 it will be on sale a new C.D. that contains all this musical legacy. As well as Color Tango will present all this material during the present year 2005, standing out the tours to Europe, to Japan and China and its performances in the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires city, the Luna Park stadium and the Colon Theatre in the same city.

Members of the Orchestra

  • Roberto Alvarez  accordionist, arranger, direction
  • Hernán Bartolozzi  accordionist
  • Alejandro Schaikis  violin
  • Diego Lerendegui  viola
  • Analia Goldberg  pianist
  • Gustavo Hunt   keboard player
  • Manuel Gomez  double bass


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