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Milonga in cafe Union with Andrea Misse

Andrea Misse in Ljubljana

Saturday, February 19,  2005

Andrea Misse, tanguera, teacher and choreographer from BA is again in Ljubljana (this time she will come without her dancing partner Leandro Palou). From 20.30 – 22.00 she will have a seminar for tango dancers 'interpretation of tango music', styles of different orchestras... at 22. the milonga starts.


From 20.30 till 22.00 the seminar for tango dancers about tango music, which will be lead by maestra Andrea Misse. Different styles and sounds of orchestras and interpretation of them … From 22.00 beginning of MILONGA: Dj Vassily.

Musiclizador Vassilios Sideromenos from Bologna, with an artisctic name Vassily. Subtel and resourceful musikalizador of Bologna milongas and guest dj of important tanfo festivals around Italy and Europe. 



Cafe UNION (a map below), Grand hotel Union, Miklosiceva street 1, Ljubljana-center
Part 1: 20.30 - 22.00
Seminar about tango music, which will be lead by maestra Andrea Misse
Part 2: 22.00 - 03.00
MILONGA with Andrea Misse. DJ Vassiliy

Evening&night in cafe UNION(seminar in milonga): 9 €


JENKO Dance school, Petkovsek street 35, Ljubljana - center (near Dragon's bridge)

Courses in afternoon are suitable for all tangueros. Andrea will build up intensity from basics and come to technicaly advanced level of movements and understanding of the rhythm. Similar like in Buenos Aires there will be differently experienced tangueros in the same group. Andrea will be working individually with students and everybody will explore and find his/her own tango interpretation. 

13.30 - 15.00
For women. Musicality - ADORNOS. Technique and music and partner... let's give sounds to tango.

15.15 - 16.45
For men. Musicality - different dynamics in movements and communication in embrace.  
17.00 - 18.30
Encuentro (couples). Musicality - communication (leading) and interpretation of tango. It takes two to tango.


INFO and registrations:
Janja Frank:  or +386 41 324 828
Janja Ban; or +386 40 613 747



1 class: 21 €
1 classes + evening in cafe Union (seminar & milonga): 27 €
2 classes: 38 €
2 classes + evening in cafe Union (seminar & milonga): 44 €

Andrea Misse (CV)

Andrea was born in Buenos Aires on August 10, 1976. She began dancing the
Argentine folkloric dances at the early age of five. She studied with two of
the most renowned dancers in Argentina, "El Chucaro" and Norma Viola. Her
studies of this dance went on for 12 more years, including performances with
the prestigious school in Teatro Rivera, Teatro de las Provincias, and
Teatro de las Banbalinas and several television presentations in Buenos

At the age of 11, Andrea began taking Argentine Tango classes with Carlos
Rivarola (a star of the Broadway hit "Tango Argentino"). These classes
revealed Andrea's true passion for Tango. During this period, she had her
first public appearances as a Tango dancer, performing at Sin Rumbo,
Sunderland Club, Sociedad Akarence, and others.

In 1991, Andrea began studying with her most influential teacher, Miguel
Angel Zotto (a star of "Tango Argentino," and star and creator of the
Broadway show "Tango X2"). She studied under his wing for four years and,
during this same time, took lessons with Osvaldo Zotto (a star of "Tango X2"
and the Broadway show "Forever Tango"). Andrea studied extensively with
Antonio Todaro, who is considered to be the best Tango teacher of all time.
It was with Todaro that she developed into a top stage dancer.

Of some interest is the fact that Andrea is one of five children, four of
whom are professional Tango dancers, although neither of their parents

From 2003 Leandro Palou and Andrea Misse have a tango school in London "Tango in Action" (www.tangoinaction.com).  


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